Our Fur Partners


Sunshine, aka Sunnee, loves to swim above all else and can be found in the pool any time of the day or night during the warm months. When she’s not swimming, you will find her snuggling close to one of her humans. Her favorite game is to wait until she knows her human is about to sit down and jump right into that exact spot while looking sweetly innocent about it! She was raised as an “office” dog during Allyson’s early years in practice, so she loves to visit the office when she can and greet clients at the door.


Charlie is a goofy, high energy, lovable guy who wants to go anywhere and everywhere his humans go. He loves to ride in the car regardless of the destination, and he loves to meet every human and dog he can meet. His favorite past time is just to be on the move, but second to that, he loves to give and receive hugs. You can find Charlie getting onto furniture and standing on his hind legs with both paws up in the air, preparing to hug his humans, and when sitting or standing near his humans, he will almost always place a furry paw on them, sometimes to knock a cell phone out of their hands as he demands more attention!


C.J. is the most energetic 14 year old dog around and loves running around the yard and wrestling with his sister, Sophie. He doesn’t realize that he’s a small dog and likes to be the boss in any situation. Strangers might think he is a little ornery, but Tara knows that he is super cuddly, sweet, and fiercely loyal. C.J.’s favorite place to be is right next to Tara, whether following her around as she does household chores or laying at her feet for hours as she sews. C.J. has been with Tara since law school, which is why his full name is Chief Justice. Tara thought Chief Justice Miller had a good ring to it!


Sophie is the sweetest dog around and just wants to love and be loved. She has a super laid back personality and enjoys being petted more than anything. She loves to swim and is a fierce protector of children. She has been known to jump in the swimming pool to “rescue” a child she thought was in trouble, which is why she stays in the house now for swim parties! Her favorite hobby is trapping a squirrel behind the shed and running back and forth, watching it for hours. She’s shy at first, but once she gets comfortable, you’ll have a friend for life.